Curtis Randall

   I believe that great creative ideas can be universal and have to power to transcend cultures, markets and technologies.

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Executive Creative Director

  Award Winning Executive, bringing world-class strategic talent, proven passion, and dedication to the creative world.

As an internationally experienced Creative Director with extensive knowledge in marketing, advertising, video gaming, online education and television production, Curtis brings a proven passion and dedication to his craft. He has created world-class strategic work with brands such as Electronic Arts, Emaar, Jaguar, Land Rover, Bentley, GSK, Pfizer, Best Buy, and Sega, just to name a few.

Curtis believes that great creative ideas can be universal and have to power to transcend cultures, markets and technologies. He has the drive to find the human truth behind every idea and a passion for exploring new ways design can spark, connect and resonate with people.

This passion inspired Curtis to challenge himself working in multiple disciplines, including filming, editing, production, direction of live-action content, and creation of CG elements. Also, recruiting creative talent and overseeing teams consisting of modelers, animators, motion capture artists, FX artists and compositors for large budget productions, managing storyboard design, pre-visualization, modeling, animation, motion capture shoots, and rendering.

He is excited to be back to his roots, bringing his vision to life at the new Studio in Dubai. Curtis will lead a team to produce first rate content using the latest in technology to deliver the very best user experience for all his customers.

Providing futuristic technology solutions for clients around the world, with extensive knowledge in international advertising, video gaming, and television production. We have worked with top brands worldwide.




I am a passionate creative, driven by the synergy of the future and technology. With every project, I strive to harness the transformative power of innovative design, not merely for its aesthetics, but to infuse it with purpose and meaning.


Building the ASCIRA Dubai Studio was a great joy and creative challenge. The facility is designed for production of documentaries, interviews, educational video shoots and virtual live events utilizing the latest in technology and equipment.

“I believe great creative ideas are universal and can transcend cultures, markets and technologies.”

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